Amjad Selim

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Played by: Vizier33

Mortal bee, Male, 33

Aliases: A. S. Lord / Djehuty / The Scribe / The Sparrow
Nationality: Egyptian/English
Residence: Currently London
Employer: Unknown
Function: Novelist (Crime/Mystery/Fantasy)

Amjad was born to the normal world; his mother was a British Egyptologist, and his father a history teacher, the story of how they met & how it all started has always fascinated him, the most pure form of chance encounter, both were at a café with friends and both got up but she was pushed into his way, and he for some reason didn't just help her and walk past but conversed with her, years later they were married. Quite the coincidence that one was, He always mused.

Amjad had a normal childhood, aside from an obsession with Ancient Egypt that was impressive to his parents, his mother nurtured his love for reading and history, though to hers and her father's shame, the child cared for nothing other than reading, He always seemed older than his age implied, surprisingly more intelligent than his peers & far more sophisticated, he devoured classics like snacks when he was merely 12 and though beginning his life with an unfathomable lust for knowledge in all fields, he became more focused on the ancient world, literature to him was not merely a means of escapism but he always would analyze the works of art he reads or looks at for codes and hidden meanings, He couldn't help but think the world had to be more interesting than whatever this is he saw in the news or heard his father talk about with his friends….Politics was all well and good but still it was too boring, his life was boring, his years in college, and how being of two worlds made life in Egypt difficult for him, his mindset, his ideals, he would occasionally go to England with his mother, and while they spent time in the countryside most of the time, Amjad would either be ill, or depressed and uninterested in venturing outside of his house, though while being in England he would begin flirting with the Templars and they would notice him as well, despite keeping to himself most of the time, He was somewhat turned off by their rather militaristic ways, and how they seemed more of a repressive environment, one thing Amjad craved and coveted more than anything was his freedom, total absolute freedom, But he abhorred anarchy, He was too ordered all the time, even when he was seemingly random or chaotic it all served a purpose, He'd joke with his family that his messy surrounding always had a method to them it wasn't just a "messy" apartment, there was method to all this madness.

After going through high school and college, he majored in Law, though he wasn't entirely interested in the subject, his studies weren't all that impressive academically, the whole studying regime didn't seem to take much if any of his mental capacity, he continued to grow intellectually; expanding his trove of knowledge in literature, art, poetry & the cultures of the Ancient world, he desired to be a novelist at some point of his life, though he was busy working several jobs for he never seemed to stabilize in one place, as much as he "preferred" stability, like all humans; people were afraid of change and he recognized this but he noticed how his life rarely if ever settled, his routine was somewhat fixed, composed mainly of reading or gaming if not surfing the web for more information, he always loved to dig, he'd have been an amazing Archaeologist if he but followed his mother's advice.

His was a normal childhood, marred by one accident, His mother loved him dearly and one time his father was abroad on business in London, so his mother took him with her to an archaeological dig in the deserts, a Tomb of a Vizier of ancient Egypt, during the time of the New Kingdom, it was a Tomb well hidden, his Mother worked Decades to find it, the crown jewel of all her work, so she couldn't leave it unattended but also couldn't leave her son as his father was already abroad, so she took him with her, during one of the days the boy woke up in the middle of the night, as if heeding some unseen, unheard alarm, he woke into the tomb and he was not seen again till sunrise…his mother found him in front of the Tomb's entrance, something changed in him, shifted, he didn't become a darker child, though sometimes he showed a streak of violence, though he never hurt a living creature. When she looked In his eyes he seemed to have aged millennia in the span of one night, and she would sometimes catch glimpses of him speaking to himself and drawing some odd symbols with his fingers in the sand, in the air, He'd just look as if he sees another world entirely then…he'd be centered again.

Nobody knows what happened in that tomb, but the workers said they found handprints on certain walls though they couldn't seem to open at all, The accident itself didn't seem to harm the little boy at the time, he grew up normally enough.

Always feeling out of place in the modern world, Amjad's life always seemed like he was taken out of time and planted in this one, he always felt like something was missing, his dreams gave him some semblance of solace for they felt like they were memories, but they were impossible to be memories for the simple reason that they were from the days of the New Kingdom in Ancient Egypt!

In His waking hours though, Amjad took to the writing Medium, He always had a gift with words, even he himself did not understand, His novels often contain glimpses of a world that's ancient, resembling the history of the world we all know, but with a much darker twist...He almost tried his hand in every genre, His most notable work; the Black Sun, was a pseudo-history novel that spoke of Akhenaten & the Aten in a differing light entirely, Amjad was secretly biased against Monotheism, especially in Ancient Egypt, his take on the Enlightened Pharaoh who first broke the idea to Ancient Egypt after the days of the Hyksos' Apep, was intriguing and earned him severe backlash but like all his novels it also earned him critical acclaim for the commentary on the decay of modern civilization & how the modern man and his life pales in significance and comparison to that of the Ancient Man. Amjad wrote under a Pseudonym, thanks to his desire to live a private and quiet life content with selling more books and enjoying the financial gain. although sometimes his published works were fought in an odd way, bigger books from bigger names would be launched, an accident in the publisher's offices would deny his work from getting published, a shadow war was being fought against his work, and he never understood why, after all these were all just works of fiction.

But Backlash & acclaim? that wasn't all his novels earned him... He also earned something else, he attracted the Attention of the Big players.

Amjad's dreams were always the key to his true nature, who he truly was, but he never found out how, the dreams giving him glimpses of a strange time aided him in his Novel-writing career, he'd often dismiss them as fabrications of his subconscious, or just results of him enjoying perhaps too many TTRPGs and other works of fantasy with his friends, but it seems that Gaia had her eyes on this one even before he was needed.

The day of the Tokyo bombing was just a day to him, he finished his work early, left for his place, took a bath and ate a little then headed off to his friend's place for a TTRPG session, it all went so normally but he couldn't help but see something or rather someone always hidden in the side of his gaze, hidden but not too hidden, a man draped in green robes, whenever he turned to look at him, he was no longer there, it unnerved him slightly but the rest of the day gave him no reason to be too paranoid, after the session ended he went home and lied in his bed, gazing into the ceiling just listening to a podcast he was not aware of Tokyo at all, the podcast turned to static noise as he fell asleep, he had an odd vision but despite how he wanted to feel....he felt right. Especially after he woke up, when that first explosion of Anima triggered in him, he was delighted, he smiled, he laughed, this was magic, and even though he spent a week or so trying to stop himself from destroying his apartment he was excited at the prospect, to do magic. To help protect the world. He was somewhat idealistic, must have been the effect of all this heavy immersion in fantasy. There was a knock on the door....Everything can change.

Amjad woke up and found himself in a neighborhood he never been to before, the signs were in a foreign language….it looked Asian, which is why he doesn't recognize it, that's not the only odd thing here….Amjad's new knowledge was as if he assimilated an old history of so many individuals into himself….but it wasn't overwhelming it wasn’t trying to overwrite his identity…it was HIS identity but just an added experience.

As he stumbled around the neighborhood he managed to find a market, then a small hotel, he went in and to his luck found someone that managed to speak English….but the things that person said were….rather illuminating….He began to understand the serpent he saw in his visions….a Dragon…THE Dragon.

Amjad has always loved a good story, he loved learning about histories, and when his powers manifested and he was taken, he devoured any piece of new knowledge with a remarkable zeal, prior to his awakening as he calls it, he always believed that he wasn't of this day and age, his belief in reincarnation grants him a certain delusion that his life began in Ancient Egypt, and it shows in how he looks; he is almost always seen sporting an eyeliner shaped in the style of the Ancient Egyptians, a call back to his ideals, where he feels he truly should've been born. And yet to be of this modern day and age is good because it gives him access to more stories, more inspiration. This might be a boon for him, for in the Secret world; Lore is not just tall tales, but an echo of a power that a dedicated soul may turn into a thundering boom of potency. So he strives to learn. His nature is such a great asset for people almost always feel compelled to tell him their stories or things they went through, it makes him one of the Dragon's greatest assets in intelligence gathering and he, unbeknownst to him, is one of their favored variables. His goals however are focused simply on understanding, and on finding more stories, an obsession he had prior to what he calls "his awakening" but one that seemed amplified by his induction into the Secret War, and while it is mostly harmless for others, his knowledge-seeking has a dark side, rumor has it that his time in the field made him willing to understand more of the nature of the Filth and the Dreamers, though nothing serious surfaced that condemns or questions his loyalties for his outward demeanor hides his curiosity, and fascination with the Dreamers and their machinations.

Amjad's an agent of the Dragon, and his somewhat friendly demeanor and non-threatening appearance earned him many friends worldwide, his hunt for knowledge and artifacts and his Egyptian background led to him forming contacts within the Kingdom, whom he usually visits and shares drinks with one or two of its members, listening for their stories, Amjad also likes the Djinn and have been striving to win their respects for he sees them as unabashed masters of Elementalism, a branch of the mystic arts he wants to cover, his love for arts and antiquities, led him to the Phoenicians and still, to this day, they try to take him from the Dragon, will they succeed? The coin is still turning.

Though he keeps his true self hidden from the rest of the world, to those onlooking, He's what he seems; In this day and Age, he is a man interested in the Secrets buried beneath the artificial curb. The normal life he always lived was never to be his, part of the curse undoubtedly, he knew, One night he went to his sleep, his journal next to him as per usual, to scribble down the hints of the dreams he saw. The bomb went off in Tokyo, the game changed, the Mother panicked and sent for her protectors, and one of them found him, the bee did not awaken magical potential, for his magical potential and his seeming unity with the world and its pulse granted him visions and dreams of the other ages and events he by no need should've known, and it aided him in more ways than one, it amplified the one already existing, it unlocked a new set of skills. His first days after his awakening were teeming with research, the world was an open book, it was much more simple than the previous ages, the splendor of the pharaohs fell, in their stead came puppets that attempted to force glory, they knew not what the world meant, barbarians and usurpers wearing familiar skins & faces. They were nothing like the old ones. The Gods were silent to his prayers, the new gods of the world were electric & digital…they were false and hollow, insecure as the modern man, stumbling and lost….

Amjad's nature remains well hidden; to the world he's a simple, intelligent, sophisticated & compassionate man, with a streak of kindness, and a sense of humor that pretty much laughs in the face of anything, he's somewhat shy and introverted, fearful of the social masses, he's the wallflower in most parties, and his mannerisms are rather old fashioned he speaks in words that paint him in a much older light but he always stylizes them with as much modernity as he can...without sounding fake. When confronted about it, he always says that he's been an old soul all his life.

He's also kind and gentle, he values life...and though he tries to cover it with cynicism and sarcasm, he's a good soul, But he isn't above doing what is necessary, although if it was against his own code he'd usually try to find other ways to do it without violating his own integrity.

Amjad abhors being repressed, oppressed & of course, censorship, He's had many trouble with the opinions he expressed back in Egypt and his work is still popular there among certain groups of people but not with the ruling government, the only protection he has is his second nationality, As such Amjad craves nothing more than total and absolute freedom, though he remains somewhat responsible but he doesn't enjoy feeling like he "has to do" something, it usually turns him off immensely being seemingly forced to do a certain thing & the Dragon know this, which is why they appeal to his love and lust for freedom by portraying themselves as the celebrators of individualism and free will, as opposed to the militaristic Templars or the Corporate minded Illuminati.

Amjad is a slim man, his stature is not so impressive, standing as a 5'4 feet and weighing only 110 pounds, he is often if not always clean shaven, his hair is usually messy, one quirk of his is the fact that he has an ancient Egyptian styled eye-liner on almost all the time, a reminder to him of who he truly is. He doesn't try to hide the fact that he's physically inferior, but while his body is not the most impressive specimen compared to other warrior-esque individuals (as he labels them) his mind is his sharpest weapon, he seems to know plenty about plenty of things...though he hardly shoves it in people's faces, but whenever his input could be used he gives it willingly.

Amjad is a highly attuned and skilled in the occult & mystic arts, his interest in secret history possibly rivals Gladstone himself, one of the things he mourns is being unable to visit Gladstone's library and he considers it one of the most wasted opportunities of his recruitment by the Dragon.

His natural state is calm & quiet. He is a naturally laid back individual with a liberal and an open-minded set of ideals, he speaks softly and as eloquently as he can, taking pride in his words, for he is a novelist after all, he doesn't try to get recognized for his work, But is always glad to be. He is also a private person and wouldn't share much of the true details of his life preferring instead to study the individuals he's with, with the true novelist's mentality that every person he meets has a story and that story could be used or enhanced into a great one, he is motivated by finding the greatest story of all time....or possibly writing it. Even though he feels like this new ambition is not what he was originally born to do, but it is what he feels he wants in this life.

- Amjad is a private individual and a shy person, he doesnt often approach others but sometimes he does out of sheer curiosity of boredom, or if he hears something that interests him.

- He Doesn't go around bragging about his novels or the work he does, instead when asked he sometimes references his other fields of interest; Archaeology, English Literature, Secret worlders familiar with his work who might be able to discern that he is the Name behind the Pseudonym he writes with would bring him some sort of intrigue and an ego boost for while he is shy he is not above being proud of being recognized for his work, especially the Black Sun that had him catch the Attention of the Secret World itself.

- Amjad remains a humanist, he is capable of compassion, he values human life, and though deeply interested in the human condition as a whole, his age has never severed him from the world, while he seems to have a laid back attitude about many things, he is difficult to surprise, or concern or worry, but he is still capable of human emotion although it is highly diluted, or as he is so fond of saying, it is an Elvish trait.

- Amjad places little value on Faction tags, if they exist, he never announces himself as a member of the Dragon, and the initial reactions one gets from him is usually him being a Templar, he doesn't strive to confirm or deny that, instead relishing in the game itself, He is not above helping others or dealing with others from different factions, though he remains wary for he is somewhat paranoid thanks to his history with the other Two, The Illuminati in particular give him a sour taste for it was they who Killed him in the old days, He is also open to dealing with those that are not humans, He holds everyone to be a possible asset or a source of information...or a story, so he always places his best foot forward dealing with whoever or whatever comes his way.

- Amjad is magically gifted in several forms of the mystic arts, though he remains a seeker of knowledge. Which serves as a motive for him to traverse the world and particularly Egypt trying to achieve his rather impossible quest to learn everything, find the greatest stories, and if the rumors are to be believed find a way to harness the Dreamers to achieve his goals without the side effects he has seen.