Alyse Reilly

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Played by: Alyse Reilly

Human, Female, 26

Aliases: None known
Nationality: United Kingdom (Northern Ireland)
Residence: Geneva, Switzerland
Employer: Sinclaire International Security Solutions
Function: Security Consultant
Twitter: @reilly_alyse

  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Red
  • Build: Slender/Athletic
  • Ethnicity: Swedish/Irish


Of about average height, Alyse is surprisingly fit for her size. While her strength and endurance pale in comparison to those who have dedicated their lives to such conditioning, she can hold her own in a physical confrontation. She dresses in the finest of clothes, most of which she purchases from local tailors during her travels. Everything is custom fit to her, and nothing is brand name. While the Illuminati and the Dragon scurry about behind the scenes, the Templars are at the forefront of the Secret World, and she carries herself appropriately. Despite leaving Ireland as a teenager and becoming fluent in several languages, her voice still carries a thick accent, regardless of the language she speaks. When flustered or frustrated, she will sometimes slip back into speaking Gaelic.

Young, attractive, and rich, Alyse Reilly is not what one might expect from an independent security consultant. She seems like she would be more at home bumping elbows with the political and social elite of London, though for all intents and purposes, Alyse seems dedicated to her job, genuinely believing that she was doing good in the world.

Though the agency she works for is technically owned by her stepfather, Alyse is the senior managing officer, and is free to take or refuse jobs as she sees fit. She frequently takes on contracts in areas under crisis, working with local security forces, as well as agencies such as the WHO, UNESCO, United Nations, and the Red Cross/Crescent, just to name a few. She even appears on the rolls of the WHO as a full-time employee.

Though her official job is that of a senior security consultant, Alyse has also taken on other duties as well. She has been known to host fundraisers and other events on behalf of projects she cares deeply about, including the WHO, UNESCO, the ICHS, and other organizations dedicated to the protection and preservation of sites of cultural and historical imporance throughout the world.

On the surface, Alyse appears pleasant, charismatic, and openly friendly. Do not let these first impressions deceive, though. Alyse is a shrewd negotiator, and has been known to be ruthless, shrewd, and downright manipulative. She has simply learned over the years that it is much easier to get her way with smiles and compliments than through threats. When push comes to shove, however, sheis more than capable of following through with her threats, and is not above blackmail. She does not undertake these actions lightly though, but when the cause is just, she will not let silly things like "no" stand in her way. Her hands may not be entirely clean, but she still thinks of herself as a good person.

To her friends, family, and loved ones, Alyse is fiercely loyal. The people she cares for mean the world to her, and she would stop at nothing to keep them safe.

She enjoys the travel her job provides, spending long periods of time around the world in both good times and bad. She's worked outbreaks in the New England, Eastern Europe, and Egypt, and has escorted high level officials to conferences throughout Europe, the United States, East Asia, and South Africa. While she rarely travels with the dignitaries to the events themselves, Alyse is believed to be working off site, or at least out of sight, managing the affairs of the security details.

Fashion is important to Alyse, though not in the way that many might expect from a wealthy woman in her late twenties. Eschewing big name brands, she purchases her attire and accessories at local tailors, jewelers, cobblers, and other vendors in the communities she travels to, either for business or for pleasure. Everything she owns, from her professional suits to her gym wear, from her shoes to her hats, and everyhing in between, is custom made. Often, she has been known to spend a small fortune on clothing. She has been criticized for her excessive spending at times, with it being called extravagent, though she views it differently. The money she spends goes directly to local businesses, frequently in areas that are underserved or recovering from a health crisis. In her own way, she is helping to reinvigorate the local economy in those regions. Where she gets this kind of money is not well documented, as it certainly exceeds what she makes through her occupation, though some speculate that she is receiving financial support from her stepfather.

In her downtime, Alyse can be seen engaging in the culture of wherever she is. Historical landmarks, libraries, and museums are of particular interest to her, along with local cuisine and bars, even though she rarely drinks. She has been known to frequent bazaars, antique shows, and auctions to acquire artifacts that she feels are culturally or historically significant. She does not keep the artifacts for herself, though. Instead, she donates them to museums and universities for preservation and study.

Alyse's musical tastes are eclectic, to say the least. Her collection consists of tens of thousands of songs, from nearly every genre of music, though she does tend to show a preference towards rock, and metal. When travelling, she enjoys attending live performances of local music.

Surprisingly, Alyse is not very active on Social Media. While she has a twitter account and a facebook account, she rarely posts on either.

Alyse's romantic life is something of a mystery. She has never been confirmed to be in a romantic relationship with anyone, though she has demonstrated attraction to both men and women. While she does not discuss her romantic life with others, she has been seen around the world in the company of a slightly younger woman. This companionship seems closer than merely friendship would suggest.

Ma was the daughter of a Swedish immigrant who came over after the War. Da was a violent drunk and a rebel. This was the world that Alyse grew up in. Belfast in the nineties was a troubled city, plagued by decades of warfare and unrest. Even the ceasefire in ninety four did little to ease the tensions. While Alyse was too young to know why people were fighting before the ceasefire, she was aware that it was not a safe place to be. She lost her father when she was five, when the cease-fire was broken. She grew up seeing the soldiers manning the so-called "Peace Lines," hearing bombs and gunfire, and seeing the police in their armored vehicles blocking the roads. Worse yet, she grew up thinking this was all normal.

Though her family had never been particularly wealthy even when her father was alive, after he was gone, things got worse. The older children moved on. Some left for America. Some left for school. One even joined the army, leaving Alyse and her youngest sister alone with Ma. Money was always tight, and though they received some food and charity from the Church, Alyse did what she could to help provide for the family. Her and a few other kids from around her neighborhood formed a small street gang. This wasn’t like the kinds of gangs seen in America or other places, though. This was a group of kids doing what they needed to get by, mostly stealing food and clothing left unattended.

After the Good Friday Accords, her life assumed a sense of normalcy. At least, as normal as life could be in post-war Belfast. The walls remained, old hatreds simmered, but at least most of the fighting had stopped. Ma remarried when Alyse was eleven, taking her and her youngest sister off to London to be with her new husband. Alyse never knew how her ma and stepfather met. She’d never asked, and the information had never been offered. There, Alyse thrived. Her step father was a wealthy man, with many connections. His money and connections got her into a good private school, where she received tutoring to get her caught up with her peers, and discovered a passion for learning. She had a knack for learning languages, and a passion for studying the history and culture of people around the world.

At the time, Alyse had no idea what her stepfather did for a living, only that it must have been important. Politicians, religious figures, celebrities, and business leaders from about the world (well, the Old World. Not many Yanks or the Far East) came to visit, and she was expected to play the part of the dutiful daughter when they did. Little did she know that she was being groomed for a higher calling from almost the moment her mother and stepfather met.

After graduating from secondary school, Alyse was admitted to Oxford University. She majored in History, and minored in Anthropology. At University, Alyse dedicated herself entirely to her studies. She had few friends, but received top marks in all of her classes. After her Bachelor's Degree, she pursued a Master's. Then another. She completed her degrees quickly by not taking summers off, by taking interim classes, and by taking heavy course loads. She was in the process of applying for admission to a PhD program when her mom got sick.

She returned to London shortly before her mom passed. It was there that she was approached by a "friend of the family." Her stepfather had been keeping his employers appraised of Alyse's progress and studies, and they apparently liked what they saw. It was at this time that she became host to her "bee," and was awakened to the Secret World that she had previously believed to be the stuff of fairy tales. After a brief conversation, Sinclaire International Security Solutions was formed. This security company was wholly independent, though it frequently worked with International agencies such as the United Nations and WHO as a form od crisis response, specifically for preserving historical and cultural resources.

That was the cover, anyway. In reality, Alyse had been recruited to join the Templars, an ancient society sworn to keep evil at bay, no matter the cost.

Sinclaire International Security Solutions is a front for the Templars, even if Alyse and her stepfather are the only two who are aware of this. Alyse frequently uses her connections to get herself or her company into places where her particular skills may be of use. Working with agencies like the Red Cross, the WHO, the American CDC, and others has its advantages, too. She knows that people tend to not ask too many questions when the words "health crisis" are thrown around.

In her time with the order, she has distinguished herself as an outstanding field agent, specializing in the recovery of assets best kept out of the wrong hands. If the mundane people of the world knew about the things that go bump in the dark, and the things that terrify even those creatures... their fragile little minds would snap. To that end, the Templars dispatch agents like Alyse to recover artifacts, documents, bodies, and anything else that might be used to bring about supernatural devastation, or prove the existence of the gods and monsters they've only read about in fairy tales.

Asset recovery can be a delicate operation, or it can be straightforward. Sometimes, Alyse may attend an antiquities auction to purchase an item. Sometimes, she may have to acquire it from a museum, often by swapping it out with a replica. Sometimes things go tits up, and she has to recover the object by force. Either way, when she gets the call, she gets the job done.

While her loyalty to the Templars is beyond question, Alyse as frequently demonstrated a willingness to work with members of other factions against the Darkness.


  • Recruited through her stepfather. Vetted as a teenager, and inducted into the Order after University. Alyse is a part of the "new blood." While her stepfather has connections to the Order, Alyse does not have a blood history with the Templars. She appears more than willing to work with members of the Illuminati on a limited basis, especially when working together against common threats. She is less trusting of the Dragon, never quite sure where she stands with them, though she has been known to work with them when the situation demands it. Her primary concern is the war against the darkness, rather than against the other Secret Orders.

Sasha de la Cruz - Illuminati[edit]

  • Their paths have crossed on several operations. Though unorthodox, their partnerships regularly produce desired results for both organizations. Their relationship is likely more than strictly professional.

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