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Played by: Allypage
[[Image:Aly 2.gif|245px|link=]]

Sidhe'/ bee, Female, 31

Aliases: Cinnamon Girl
Nationality: Scottish American
Residence: Undisclosed location, Solomon Island
Employer: Invicta MC & Happy Tentacle Radio
Function: DJ
Twitter: @AlysandebB

=• Early Life •=

Aly'sande is the oldest daughter of Reginald and Leona Byrne, Wealthy Industrialists and Owners of * BeX Pharma (* Byrne Experimental Pharma an invented company for RP), a company that specializes in " cutting edge experimental drugs and innovative Medical treatments". As a small child Aly'sande was hospitalized due to a "mysterious accident/illness". She had no memory of this, though it was eluded to throughout her childhood to keep her under control. From birth Aly was different having the "spark" of magic, that fascinated her father, leading to her "accident". Aly did not know others did not have the same abilities until she was older. After her "recovery" Aly found herself under tight control and shuffled between specialized schools, clubs and other institutions, where she was clearly being groomed and trained for something special.

It was during a rare under supervised holiday that Aly was able to slip away unnoticed and eventually start her new life.

(lots of backstory here too much to summarize)

=• The Secret War •=

Somehow Aly has always been a part of the secret world only becoming fully aware of it in the last 8 to 10 years. It was been at the edges of her consciousness explaining many of the events in her childhood,including those during her past relationships. Several years ago, a series of seemingly unrelated events resulted Aly learning the truth of what had happened to her as a child and why. Once she discovered the true nature of her "Illness as a child" and the true depravity of her parents, who in addition to owning a huge Pharma conglomerate, are in a vast conspiracy involving The Orochi and Valli and other worldwide corporations.

The result of this experimentation, her natural abilities and the grooming that she was put through, Aly is a valuable commodity whose very DNA could be used to as a weapon against or to gain control over "Bees". She is active target for the various groups.

Not surprisingly William " The Reaper" Malveau has been deemed by these various groups as Unworthy of being with Aly.. and is himself a target of them as well.

=• Physical description •=

Aly is about 5'4" tall and curvy.

She has Cinnamon Red hair, although sometimes she may wear a wig in "fun colors"

She has tattoos over both shoulders of flowers, Celtic symbols and a Celtic Sugar skull. She also has a tattoo of the Invicta MC patch on her back, the left shoulder blade. She had Reaper tattoo her "over her heart" to show her devotion and so she could always wear her patch. Aly has a "scar" in the curve of her neck that looks like a human bite mark. It always appears to be "fresh" despite her increased healing.

OOC Aly transitioned to SWL as if nothing really happened. Her backstory lost a couple key people as they retired from the game so they are either dead or in part unknown. Reaper and Aly are in their timeline "D

Aly's most significant association of course is William "The Reaper" Malveau her partner with whom she lives and is his devoted right hand woman. She is a "road captain " for INVICTA MC and recently a DJ for Happy Tentacle Radio. All of the HTR staff Chemic, Medrina, Jules. She has many friends throughout the community. too many to list here :D

Aly was born 1/2 Sidhe and is a bee due to experimentation done to her. She uses Chaos magic and has adopted the use of guns at Reaper's instance. Because of an ongoing danger and possibility that she will be snatched off the street and taken to an Orochi, BeX or Valli facility, Reaper is especially vigilant whenever they are far from places where Invicta is in control.. IE. London, Seoul, New York, Kaidan.. If Aly is "alone" rest assured that there is a bodyguard somewhere in the shadows. If you can see that bodyguard... you're the one with the serious problem ( they are my NPC Invicta bikers nicknamed Snake, Road Rash Or Bob :D)

If you want to RP with Aly for sure at this time the best bet is Tuesday's at Reaper's Show OR Shameless plug here.. Aly'sandes show The Wonderland on Sundays