Alicia Laike

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Played by: DJ Malak
Alicia Laike.jpeg

Bee, female, 23

Aliases: None known
Nationality: American
Residence: Upstate New York. Los Angeles, California. London, England
Employer: Oracles, Inc., The Genocide Lounge
Function: Pop Princess
Twitter: @alliekat90

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1. Songbird - Forumlaic Bubblegum Pop Album

1. I Wish You Were Mine
2. Love And Games
3. Take My Breath Away
4. Baby, Take a Chance with Me***
5. You're trouble
6. My Kind of Me
7. Dreams
8. Moment for Everything
9. He Said He Likes You
10. I'm a Troublemaker
11. Sweety, Come With Me
12. You and I, Together

2. Fascination - Less successful and equally formulaic Bubblegum Pop Album

1. Let's Party
2. Baby, Let's Start This Party
3. Enjoy Your Touch
4. You Miss Me
5. Dance with Your Echo
6. Hold Me
7. Let's Start This Party
8. Get Her Name
9. Melody of Love
10. Love Game
11. You and I
12. Pop Darling

3. Songs of Time - The artistic passion project.

1. Hard And...
2. Forget His Sunshine
3. She Can Do This
4. Midnight Promises
5. Magic of Lazy Days
6. World For Old Times
7. Troubles of His Smile 8. Door of the Night
9. City of Daylight
10. Without My Place
11. Sure Smile
12. Life of the City
13. Baby, Set Me Free

4. Static Starlet - The harder album poking at the exploitation of the music industry.

1. My Kind for Sale
2. Broken Songbird
3. Free Money
4. Copies of MeMeMe
5. All of Fame
6. Finding My Music
7. Smile For Me
8. Set Me Free
9. Need My Power
10. Search For Her Song
11. Song For Sale
12. Finding My Own Way

5. Sweetbitter - Upcoming mostly acoustic album

1. Story For The Road
2. Goodbye Song
3. Forgot Your Way
4. Reflections For Me
5. I Can't Take My Eyes Off You
6. Remember Me
7. Soul For Two
8. Whisper Sunshine
9. This Love of Mine
10. Best Day of Forever
11. Crazy Story
12. Daydream
13. Take My Breath Away
14. Sweety, I Love You


2014 Kanye ft. Alicia Laike - Cover of Earth, Wind, and Fire's "Shining Star"
2015 Alicia Laike and Nikki Minaj -
2015 George Clinton and Alicia Laike - Atomic Dog (Atomic Starlet)


Height: 5'6""
Weight: 127lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

Description: Alicia keeps in shape for her stage career largely through her activities as a Templar. Swinging a hammer as well as hours of rehearsals have left her in wonderful physical shape.

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