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Who We Are

Oracles Inc. Offices in the St. Nicholas Way Office Building in Sutton
Oracles Inc. is an independent, highly skilled, and fully licensed professional investigative company dedicated to “Protecting those who can't”. As one of the world’s leading investigation firms, we specialize in investigations related to occult, supernatural, or other strange and unexplained matters. We proudly represent people and organizations that fall outside of the purview of other, larger "organizations".

Oracles Inc. focuses on Supernatural matters and has the ability to advance undercover and cyber IP investigations to on-the-ground actions. With the support of OI’s enforcement division, many of these investigations are successfully resolved. In addition to providing investigative services, OI works with and provides training and resources to numerous agencies throughout the world. Training equips agents with the knowledge to effectively pursue and investigate Supernatural and Occult matters.

Our unique combination of investigative service options, geographical reach, and extensive experience positions OI with the resources to conduct virtually any type of investigation. Oracles Inc. is fully dedicated to providing exceptional services. We look forward to the opportunity to Protect you and yours.

Our Founders

Vanessa Kole
Vanessa Kole is an accomplished investigator and researcher with nearly a decade of experience. She graduated from Oxford with a degree in Anthropology with a specialty in Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology. She has several specializations including: Cuneiform Studies, Linguistics, and Medical Anthropology.

Vanessa has ddicated her life to the research and categorization of the supernatural. She has a special knowledge of creatures of urban legend and mythology and has access to a vast library of information. She brings knowledge, experience, and professionalism in a time where chaos and the strange seem to dominate.
Seishin Sena
WIP! Info to follow shortly!

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