Stephanie McConnell

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Played by: HipsterGhost

Unknown, Female, 22

Aliases: Hipster Ghost
Nationality: American
Residence: New York City
Employer: Toolbox
Function: Mercenary
Twitter: @hipsterghostSWL

Stephanie grew up in Oconto, Wisconsin. She had a great childhood, unbeknownst to her that it wasn't really her family she was with. This adopted family was a typical American homebred family: Brother in the military, family owned a ranch, hard work, and the American way. In November of 2016 however, everything changed. An explosion at her brother's Welcome Home party from the military, Stephanie was the only survivor. The Illuminati were first on scene, wiped her records and began declaring she was dead with her friends and family, and dragged her to New York City claiming she was a bee and needed to be a part of the wars.

In March of 2017, the Illuminati began running tests on her. After a series of injections, they would wait to see what would cause her powers to spiral out of control, coming to the conclusion that her explosive fire was the result of anxiety or panic attacks. Since this was the case, they began to create "Panic Induced Situations" to try and find a way to use her as a weapon, treating her less and less like a human and more as a test subject: Project 47.

In July of 2017, after a series of fires that had burned down the building almost to rubble, as of to which she was still residing in, Hayashi Ayumu, her now boyfriend, took her out of the rubble and had her move in with him where not only is his apartment warded to keep her safe, but him as well. She now is on a long road to recovery and re-introduction into society without fear of killing everyone around her.

Forced by the Illuminati after the accident. She's been adapting slowly.

Since she wasn't in TSW very long, there were no changes.

She is known as a great marksman in the Illuminati. She has an 89.9% accuracy and can be seen a lot at the firing range. She also was inspired to be a fitness model when she was younger, but has given up on that dream, however she is at the gym regularly. If anyone grew up in the midwest they may have heard of the McConnell ranch due to their horse breeding.

Her powers are linked to her anxiety. A typical bee can't output the power she can, and it's volatile and chaotic. Her fire becomes a miniature bomb, that can detonate a few city blocks. The other abilities seem to be a lack luster, much weaker, almost as if she wasn't suppose to have them in the first place.