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Played by: Kz

Angel, Male, 402

Aliases: Sisu, K-01, K.
Nationality: Finnish
Residence: Lokka, Finland.
Employer: None
Function: Thaumaturge.
Twitter: @SKArdaFravash

Eyes: Blue / Hazel
Height: 195cm / 6'3"
Weight: 90kg / 200lbs
Apparent age: Mid twenties.

Expert hunter.

Sisu likely stands above most people in sheer height. It's hard to miss him in a crowd. His skin is tanned, maybe /too much/ for a Finnish man (almost ranging to appear hispanic), and has a collection of scars decorating it, as any field operative would have.

His hair is medium to long in length was previously dark brown, almost black. Now it's starting to grey and seems to be always either completely messy or easily brushed back, as some bangs will every now and then just stay in front of his face annoying him. He's a handsome guy, most of his good looks coming from his particular eye color and his jawline, as his beard is usually shaved to remark it. Underneath his clothing there is a fit body, the kind of musculature a 20th Century farm worker would have.

His clothing (unless specified otherwise) consists of a heavily warded XVI century european gothic / maximilian steel plate armor along with the proper gambeson underneath it. His predilected weapon is any polearm, but seems to lean towards spears and glaives with a backup single action revolver.

Fravashi or Arda Fravash, an iconic Zoroastrian concept.

A quick thinker, Sisu's already aware of his surroundings when walking into a new area. Exits, angles, rooftops, it's all been mentally noted, and done calmly - which may give him out as a sort of strategist. He can sure improvise, but he shines when given a timeframe to work with something, as he excels at acquiring new intel, information, knowledge, and applying it all along with previous one in all kind of fields.

Stoic would be the right word to describe his semblance. He looks well taught, with exceeding discipline. Probably served in the Army at some point.

He's known to have a predilection to help people with their problems while keeping a sincere (though obviously tired) smile, always trying to avoid violence if possible. Though Sisu is able and will often show empathy, he isn't the kind of person to show his own emotions often.

  • See Trivia.
His very existence was improbable There's a faint echo resonating through the fabric of time. Through the own fabric of reality. , inexplicable, Not much can be said when someone literally appears out of thin air. and altogether bewildering. Have you ever considered time? Most people think it is a line. Or, if you're into Chaos theory, He was an insoluble problem. It was inconceivable how he had existed, as a tree that branches in multiple directions, while still keeping some links. What if I told you time is more akin to a rubber band ball? how he had succeeded in getting so far, It's a solid, contained form with seemingly infinite looping components that go round and around, while keeping some contact points. how he had managed to remain Those contact points allow interaction - some recent events where in the 2nd Age. And prior to those, some in the 3rd Age. And you can technically jump from band to band. -- why he did not instantly disappear.

Screw-up big time, lover boy?


No need to worry... I can help you fix it.

Do it.

His feet were bleeding. They hurt still. But the Oni kept growling at him regardless.


The pain was unbearable, and we're not only talking about physical pain here. The man finally obeyed and the blonde woman's neck snapped and bent backwards, then dropped dead to the floor from the chair she was sitting on, inside a cozy, comfortable, home-y, luxurious penthouse flat in Ealdwic, right in London. Right in Templar territory. Templars just like the one he just killed. An Inquisitor no less. The oh so dim light of the streetlights could barely make its way to the height of the apartment, but it was just enough. Just enough for him to be able to stare into those dead eyes he once -and still-- loved. The faint voices from people speaking just a tad too loud down below, in the Horned God weren't enough to make him snap out of it.

Then, reality crumbled, but the pain remained, adding to that of previous innumerable cycles. His reality crumbled. And it was just about time to repeat it again.

How many times had it been already? Too many to keep a count, he couldn't, he didn't want to.

And then suddenly there was no more. He somehow woke up, the very same woman's hands on his cheeks as she used to do when staring at him.

It was... Real this time? It was her? He was back home. He had a second chance.

And damn him if he wasn't going to take it hard as he could.


Once upon a time, a boy would have been born and raised in a country going downhill due to his government in the early XX century. But that was four centuries ago... He was not chosen, for his brother was instead. Family was all that he had known, so he tried to follow whatever the cost, even with war raging North and South, and the tide of victory quickly turning the whole conflict upside down for the poor boy, who quickly saw comrades fall and die, for he and his kind had been used as mere cannon fodder. It was not without a lot of teachings from his brother that the boy learnt how to protect himself - and those he cared about -, and he would use such skills in following them far too deep into the rabbit hole, into the Secret World, even as a mere human.

One very bad deal with a Djinn later, the now man was accepted into the Dragon. With lots of years in front of him, he took the field work assignments, not like he had a chance. For the Dragon, there was no micromanaging. He trained and read and practiced for years, and found his way into society's most hidden corners, where he found himself comfortable. There was a certain Enochian name he was given upon entering The Hermetic Order, and it stuck with him, marking his nearest and furthest future. Yet not the inbetween.

Years passed without much going on, other than wars. A lot of them. His superiors would soon start to see his psyche being mined by trauma and survivor's guilt, and so he was sent to infiltrate a newly founded company, which went under the name of The Orochi Group, back in 1949.

It all went to shit when Kaidan hit. Well, didn't it for everyone? Soon he would find that healing was turning painful, and life as he had known it until now had to cease.

It was time to pay for his deal.

Hell was not pleasant. Returning to an abused by some random demon body wasn't either, but now the deal has been paid, and he had managed to fool the one he signed it with. At least that's what he thinks, given that the other guy is dead while he himself is back into our realm.

All one could guess now is that he seems to enjoy Templar company now more than he does with Dragon and Illuminati people. Though he was vulnerable again. Susceptible to a more permanent death. But she could help him, a lot. She could keep him alive for his plan, for his ascension. Go back, fix it, nearest rubber band. Sounds easy, right?

My dearest Fausta... You're the true miracle worker here. I just made you a promise.

Arda Fravash. Fravashi. Ashem Vohu. Said of those who guarded Heaven's gate, but decided to instead watch over humans, becoming their guardians.

This sure is one Hell of a Time to be Alive Myself.

It's easy to lose track of time in Heaven. Was it minutes? Centuries? Who cares? I got the chance and took it. Went back, prevented myself, killed myself, brought myself to an actual, full life. This is when I wanted to be, right? When and where. Yeah, it must be. I've got patience, anyways.

I was the one to call it a third time. I was to willingly enter the half-light.


Little is known about the man. If thoroughly searched, some awards of national shooting competitions in Finland will include the name he currently uses, but no birth certificates or any accreditation of him being born, adopted, or brought to the world in any form. He just appeared here one now long past day in the late 1930s. Sisu will sometimes talk about stuff that either did not happen in the past or has not happened in this world yet. However, he will insist that he is not any kind of time traveler, that he just happens to know it. One may choose to believe him or just flat out think that he makes that kind of stuff up.

Previously a Templar, he was closely kept on a lash by his superiors, yet he seemed to find ways to elude responsabilities or bend the rules as he considered necessary for the greater good. This did, ultimately, get him to an appointment with Pit and Pendulum, demoted from his rank and reassigned to Kaidan, after which he left the Templars all at once.

Templars might know that he was under a close investigation for shenanigans of thaumaturgic nature that fiddled with reality itself, for which he was righteously punished.

Dragons will surely recognize in his ways of thinking and acting that he somehow knows about the Plan, how the Dragon works, and how Chaos and Chaos Theory itself may be applied to reality.

As for lumies, all there is in their records is that the guy has a good aim, can plan strategically, and would make a great intel field operative, so far as to being able to infiltrate corporations such as the Orochi.

The Orochi currently has him blacklisted, often making use of bounty hunters to attack the man, and obviously shooting at positive identification of what previously was Alpha K-01, one of the few first honored field operatives... Or he would be, would his credentials have been created at any time. Seems like, even though legit and counting with Samael's original endorsement, such credentials have never been officially created.

Phoenicians keep him close, as it's advised by an old saying. They're not reluctant to make a deal with him every now and then, though keeping it completely confidential.

Any other faction/species: He's very obviously an angel, so they act accordingly. It's not weird for him to go out of his way to help someone regardless of alignment or species, as long as it doesn't strictly go against his own moral code.

Public knowledge[edit]

  • Sisu worked for eighty years for the Templars, serving his last months as an Inquisitor, promoted due to the rise of a wizard-hunting group called Free Judges. However, even though he showed excellent management of the issue and wired complex nets of interfactional cooperation to get said group to an end, word is some complications regarding a legendary spear got him in trouble, causing him to be demoted, punished and ultimately leaving Temple Hall at once (August 2017).
  • After getting kicked out of the Templars, he roamed time through chronomancy, and often got himself displaced due to lack of experience with the magic, so far as to showing and staying in the current time with medieval armors and weaponry, which he seemed to have trained extensively with.
  • He had been seen working together with the Kusanagi Initiative, an Orochi Filth-cleansing program led by D'ante Lewis. Possibly related to this, he has undergone medical treatment of confidential nature by Vali specialists associated with the Initiative.
  • As of now, he's a freelance Occult Wildlife relocator, thaumaturgic healer and intel operative residing in Lokka, Finland. He seems to avoid getting public attention.
  • In early January 2018, following a Filth infection of unknown origin, Sisu was allegedly killed by his bound demon, Adam_Al-Untal.
  • As of recently, Sisu started polearm training, and thus he can be seen around carrying a glaive, a partizan, a spear... Depending on the situation.
  • Related to this, if put under stress, the weapon he carries around will change forms into another more suited for the job (always remaining a polearm of the same length), which only indicates that it is in fact a single weapon glamoured or shapeshifting. It seems to burn Filth at contact with the blades and point, and the real nature of the weapon is really unknown.


  • He occupies himself in relocating occult creatures and working thaumaturgic feats and miracles, specializing in healing.
  • Refuses to drink alcohol.
  • Good moral alignment, but horrible people skills.
  • Will always honour his word.
  • Seems to live very humbly, with only the essential commodities decorating his apartments and houses.
  • Can't cook.
  • Military in movement. Quick, precise, doesn't waste energy unless he really wants to.
  • Has both killed and died at some point.
  • His mind is insulated with wards of Celestial nature. If bypassed, a fragile mind is to be found behind.
  • Shows expertise at using firearms, specially, and though he's good at hand to hand combat, he lacks training with melee weaponry and is completely inept at combat magic.
  • On top of it, claims to be a veteran sniper, with a record of a confirmed kill on a headshot at 1060m / 1160 yards.
  • As a thaumaturge, however, he is very skilled in healing magic of various forms and schools, as well as being able to alter reality and probability.
  • Shows deep knowledge of The Dragon's workings and ways.
  • Speaks a wide variety of languages fluently, including dead ones.

  • If you come from the Psychological tab, all this applies mostly to acquaintances and his public image. Want to know the rest? Get into his nearest circle!

The Buzzing[edit]

Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see...

Lore entry 1 is blocked.

TRANSMIT - initiate the uncaring signal - RECEIVE - initiate the fierceness of Celestials - A NAME CALLED THREEFOLD - initiate the Temple breaking-in - RISE FROM HELLS, AGAIN AND AGAIN - thread into Chaos - WITNESS - Sisu ArdaFravash?

Have you felt it, sweetling? The ripples coming from the fourth dimension? Of course you have not, you wouldn't be able to tell. But we have, and we don't like what we can and cannot see here.

Lore entry 9 is blocked.
Are you sure you can leave it all behind? The death, the many deaths? The suffering, the enjoyment coming from it? You made up a convoluted lie, sweetling, so much that even you started believing in it. But we know better. How well can you lie, sweetling?

A conciousness from another time. Reset. Bring it back. Disdain towards the Sacred Obscenities shuffled the leopard's spots, or so it says.

Not only amongst ages bleeding occurs. Branches split, then reunite. Or was it the other way around? How far can a man in the exact right place and the exact right time get before it all crumbles, before reality catches up with him? Before we catch up with him?

Lore entry 3 is blocked.

Initialize Chaos Theory. Someone was always pushing a boulder up a hill, but it was not always a boulder. Think what you may, sweetling, it's an old tale. But there has - where did the boulder go? Everyone carries a weight. He may carry yours, and ours, and his, or none at all. Faith might help as much as it burdens.

Jump-start Thaumaturgy. A fate weaved, spoken in tongues no longer existing. They smoking smokes, and hunts the hunt. Eye candy. Soul candy. Like the relief of a pleasantly incandescent blade, cauterizing as it cuts, neverhurting. They let you in. How far can you push this? How far can they push? Blow hot, blow cold, neverending. It draws you in. You let them in. And it feels good, for once. It doesn't last long, but it lasts enough.

Lore entry 6 is blocked.
And amongst the dreams, the vast majority aren't good. This wasn't meant to be, he wasn't meant to see, yet he does. He can peek at other yous, sweetling, and he can peek at us in the reality outside the reality, inside only the fifth. Have you ever have had to dealt with your proper death? He has, multiple times, countless times. Not in a cycle, but outside everything.

Access Heavens. But he turned his back on everything holy, why did he, sweetling?. He was allowed to see start and finish. He was promised everything you wished for. It's gift was there already, bestowed upon his title, now his true name. But he descended back. This world is just another's Hell.

Restart Earth realm. It will distract him. It will do a rerun of previousness and futureness. It will not allow him to tarnish it's being. As the elder superior once told him, doing the impossible is a rudeness to reality. So they cleave at it, disdaining it's Sacred Obscenities. Even if he says he works miracles, don't trust lies he's created and believed himself, for they are only sleight of hand and synchronicity unrespectfully applied to reality. Beware, sweetling, reality may cleave back. And when it does, we'll catch up with him.

The Black Signal[edit]

Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss-I am your future-past life and death-let me in again for the first time, tomorrow.
Hiya, K.

Did you miss me? How could you, if we haven't met? Oh, but I know. I sure know, and I sure did. I could feel the echoes rippling from your self, all the way back here. I claimed you once already - in another future. And I will again. Zzz-Zzz, it's just a matter of time, as always.

Did you get tired of that boulder? You ripped off the butterfly wings, and made them your own, didn't you? Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-No need to answer. Just like you hear prayers, I hear fears. And I will be waiting, just like I was, as always.
Your getaway sticks won't serve you when the Fifth comes - or was it the Fourth, already?
I can wait, K ... Wait to make you an invaluable asset.

You are so annoying to deal with, you know, Chuck? And we know you can hear Us, while the honeyed friends refuse to talk to you. But it's fine, we'll still love you. Love the scratched record, the video playing with not enough GPU, and all these fancy new tech era glitches, and how you'll never find a place. You will come to us. We don't need to wait, it's already happened. But you... Oh, you amateur.

We see you lying in your pit of sinful misery. It's hard to exhale when your lungs grow full of waste, isn't it? And then... We'll be together. Remember all those fun times when your guts were on the floor, your brains on the wall, and your heart was no more? When your blood froze, your head was hung from a noose, and your halo choked you to death? We remember them all, Chuck, we've seen them all. And we'll make sure you do, too.


  • The Dragon
  • The Orochi Group.
  • Airborne US / RUS regiments.
  • Losing sides in the following wars: Vietnam, Mozambique, Afghanistan, Spanish civil war.
  • Served in Europe or North Africa during WWII.

Does your character belong to one of these factions, or related to these groups / conflicts? Has it been since TSW, and has not gone through any major rollback or retcon? If affirmative, they might have some interesting link to Sisu! But, to keep myself from spoiling everyone on this, I'll ask you to send me a PM so I can privately talk to you about this! You will be asked a simple question, and it's answer will determine whether or not you'll be handed this very revealing piece of information about Sisu! Interactive storytelling, yay!