Marie Alvarez

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Played by: Sweetmadness

Non-human, Female, Unknown

Aliases: None known
Nationality: French
Residence: Unknown
Employer: Unknown
Function: Unknown
Twitter: @SweetmadnessSW

Overlook Motel, May 2[REDACTED]
Agent [REDACTED] investigated a house where [REDACTED] agents died. Report was elementalism magic burnt corpses and a few corpses were drawn from any life, like dried to the sun.
Agent was able to stop and restrain the [REDACTED] present in the house and by order from [REDACTED] a blood contract was created between the newly Called 'Marie' and the Agent.
Agent has to stop any hostile actions against bees and innocents unless asked by [REDACTED] or for the sake of a mission.

Agent [REDACTED] was found dead in France.
Reason of death : [REDACTED] Agent N°698 was lost for a week before coming back.
Further investigation stopped by [REDACTED].
- Special and further cautions has to be taken if Agent as to stay for a mission with a human Male.

[REDACTED, PAGE FULL OF REMOVED DATA. Words can be seen : Tokyo, Egypt.]
Marie happens to not have a BEE aura around her.
She would have an aura you could imagine a succubus has ; demonic and a tint of lust and love aura around her.. often sweet enough not to oose too much.
More to be said in PM