Marcy Sperrow

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Played by: Unknown

Bee, Female, 25

Aliases: None
Nationality: British
Residence: Staines
Employer: Unknown
Function: Field Operative

Bright green hair frames an oval face, upturned nose and pointy chin. Marcy looks youthful, with girlish features and a high, lilting voice that she tries to downplay. The lack of height and colourful eyeshadow she tends to favour doesn't help the impression much, giving her a teenage appearance.

Physically, she's slightly plump, the kind of soft edges that come from a not particularly active lifestyle. She slumps, too, or leans against whatever is nearest, or rests her weight on one hip, all adding to the impression of shortness.

Her clothes are a mix, as if she has only just started to adapt a wardrobe. Her jacket is well-loved, and a few years out of fashion, as are her trainers, but she wears smart, expensive-looking tops and trousers. The scar at her temple is pink and new.

Buzz, buzz, buzz.

One of 2017's new-bees, Marcy had her fated encounter in April. She spent two weeks trying to work out what was happening, getting her Anima under control. She called in sick to work, hid from her family. Then a sharply-dressed woman showed up and gave her a card, sending her into a little labyrinth on a treasure hunt. After wandering around train stations and along stretches of river, she found the box they'd tasked her to acquire - only to receive a black bag over her head and a needle into her neck.

She woke up in another country, another continent, where it was politely explained to her that she worked for the Illuminati now.

Agartha at least made for an easy journey home. She'd lost a week, and her job, and had to explain to her family (and some concerned police officers) why she'd just disappeared and where she'd been. Lying through her teeth, she came out the other side mostly unscathed. Another test passed? Or just not really worth the organisation's concern?

Still, it wasn't as if money was a problem, any more. The blues may have sent her into an undead warzone, but at least they pay well.

Kindling was little more than a local Primary School teacher with a group of adorable year 3s when the bee found her. Cute, huh?

(That's age 7-8, for those who don't pay attention to the British schooling system. Honestly, why would you?)

Still, she's got potential. There's a lot of family to consider - two younger siblings, both teenagers. Different father. She's close to them, so it's worth keeping an eye on. Nothing too overt, though.

Kid has some skill at heating metal in a way that keeps its structural integrity. I don't know, ask the science guys. It's an anima thing. We gave her a sword and told her to go nuts. She managed pretty well in taking down some of the leftover undead in Maine. Not exactly high promotional material, but a good little footsoldier with a smattering of initiative and a lack of patience for bullshit. Must be the teaching thing.