Lucinda-Lynn Hatfield

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Played by: Lindhrive

Mortal, Female, 35

Aliases: None
Nationality: American
Residence: Arkham, MA
Employer: Vali
Function: Pharmacologist/Paramedic
Twitter: @ValiLucinda

Lucinda-Lynn's childhood was largely unremarkable, but in her early teens, her father developed dementia, and the resultant costs of caretaking and the loss of income drove her family into bankruptcy. The experience pushed her into an obsession with medical science, and the resultant drive scored her a full-ride scholarship at Miskatonic University. It was there that she developed some dangerous habits of overwork and of conducting tests using herself as a subject - for how else can a scientist gain a perfectly pure perspective on the effects of a drug?

It was at the university she began brushing up against the outside edges of the secret world. Unexplained phenomena in the lab, strange studies stuffed into files in the library archives, and notably, a colleague who excitedly confided in her about his findings on the differing effects of drugs and medications in locations traditionally believed to be holy or sacred - who took his own life after burning all of his notes. She might have done the same, had her recruitment offer not come before she could draw attention to herself.

In its correspondence, Vali's recruitment pitch promised access to cutting-edge laboratories, world travel, exciting field work alongside the Red Cross and MSF, a generous salary, and a fantastic benefits package. In person, and in confidence, the recruiter promised her answers. She dove headlong into anima-catalysed biochemistry and pharmacology, working mostly out of the Vali Research Hospital in Tokyo when she wasn't out overseeing experimental medications and techniques as part of disaster-relief efforts. More recently, she transferred back to Vali's research hospital in Arkham.

She has, over her career with Orochi, cultivated more than a little bit of dislike for the Council of Venice and its factions. As far as she's concerned, suppressing information that could save lives is tantamount to holding the knife yourself.

Lucinda-Lynn was recently recruited to D'ante Lewis' Kusanagi Initiative.

While still a mortal, Lucinda-Lynn's habit of self-experimentation has left her a little bit different from most. She sees in the dark, she uses probability manipulation in her medical work, and her ever-more-refined cocktails of drugs make her very difficult to harm, given a little preparation. These experiments do, on occasion, backfire fairly spectacularly; her cheerful willingness to field-test equipment that's still in the prototype stage doesn't help with that one bit.