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Played by: Crystias

Bee, Male, 36

Aliases: Fred, Doc, Dr. Thomas
Nationality: English
Residence: London, England
Employer: Unknown
Function: Doctor, Surgeon, Field Medic
Twitter: ScarredDoc

Doctor Frederick Thomas[edit]

Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Red
Height: 5'4"
Blood Type: AB+
Date of Birth: August 2nd, 1982
Ethnicity: Unknown

Will Fill out later

Describe your character's life before they became aware of The Secret World. Remember, this is just a suggestion! You can change the titles of these sections to anything you want.

How did your character become part of the Secret World, and what have they been up to since then?

  • Surgeon Hands - With his previous schooling in surgical procedures and his experience in the field, Fred is proficient in surgery; both on the field and off.
  • Medical Knowledge - Because of his schooling, Fred has pretty extensive knowledge in medicine and most bodies.
  • Supernatural Knowledge - With his family being part of The Secret World since before he was born, he grew up learning about supernatural entities and knows quite a lot. And it's very likely if he doesn't know it off the top of his head, he has a book or two on it.
  • Magi - With his family being part of The Secret World for many generations he is rather experienced with magic, using spells in combination with his anima magic. He uses it most frequently to look in and assess anima-related medical problems.
  • Wolf Senses - Somehow, when he became a bee he gained some heightened senses, particularly when it comes to smell and hearing.
  • Primal Instincts - Because of the bee, Fred also gained what he calls a "Primal Instinct" where if he's angry enough it takes over him...and while his strength increases he loses rational thought. His nails have also lengthened and sharpened enough that he can use them as a fighting tool. (AKA this is the fist weapon, sue me)
  • Blood Magic - Frederick also uses Blood Magic in battle, using it to either wipe out enemies or to heal allies briefly during battle. It is rather painful however, and if he uses too much blood he will pass out and could "die" from blood loss.

Saoirse Quincy, Dragon[edit]

Frederick met Saoirse through a mutual contact in Kingsmouth due to Saoirse having a strange condition that involved migraines and visions and needed help. He has since become her primary contact if she needs medical attention, and he's usually there. He's usually concerned for her well being, and tries to make sure she has enough sleep and that she's more careful out in the field. Even though recently the condition she had is lessening or going away, he can't help but worry about it, often being cautious with her just in case. 

Jerry Aputsiaq , Illuminati[edit]

Fred met Jerry while on Solomon Island taking care of the residents there. Jerry helps Frederick with gathering information, and Fred does favors for Jerry. While he puts up with Jerry's antics he does find her to be everything wrong with the Illuminati and their views on the world. She is also the one that's most likely to get him to be passive aggressive. 

The Templars[edit]

Even though he was recruited into their ranks he absolutely despises them. The whole "private army" thing and their need for control is not his way...and their motto pisses him off. Who gave them the right to decide what's good and whats evil? No one, that's who. With that said, Frederick keeps his disgust to himself and is often passive aggressive when referring to them. He is not bigoted enough to judge those that are also Templars in a negative light without getting to know them first, but if they are loyal to the cause he does sideye them considerably. He also knows that if he tries to leave the Templars and run away he will have way more problems than if he just stays. He hopes one day he'll be able to disassociate from the society and be on his own again. 


  • Dogs
  • His Clients
  • Reading
  • Journaling
  • Tea
  • Peaceful Negotiations


  • The Secret War
  • The Templars
  • Alcohol
  • Cats
  • Physical Fighting
  • Clubs
  • Recreational Drug Use

  • Before he was bee'd Fred originally had dark brown eyes. His eyes turning a glowing red is partly due to the new Primal Instincts awoken within during the bee process.
  • His scars come from some of his clients from before he was bee'd. He doesn't really mind them all that much.
  • Cats don't typically like him, and he has learned over the years to dislike them back.
  • Fred can't dance or sing for anything. Someone please help him.
  • Bisexual/Biromantic, but has a preference for guys.
  • Since he was introduced to Star Trek and Dr. McCoy he can't help but quote the Doctor's sayings. "I'm a doctor not a ____" is his personal favorite.
  • He has the patience of a saint for the most part.
  • Reads at least one book a night.

Hi! I, the mun, go by Crys or Crystias. Here's some things to keep in mind if you wanna RP with me:

  • I like for the most part to keep to the lore of Secret World Legends, however I don't mind a bit of a grey area as long as it makes sense & it fits!
    • I try to keep up with the lore as much as I can but sometimes I can miss some things. If I screw something up just give me a heads up!
    • With Fred in particular he is in a bit of a grey area so if you're not into that let me know and we can arrange something or don't RP with him in particular.
  • Communication is vital. I can be a rather anxious person and so having someone who is willing to communicate with me is vital for me. I can not stress this enough.
  • Please try to keep IC/OOC separate. Just because they feel that way about your OC, doesn't mean I feel that way about you.
    • Likewise, anything I say OOC should not be interpreted as things I say IC. Please do not post an OOC conversation I have with you as IC, or talk about OOC game interaction as IC interaction unless we both agree to make it canon IC.
    • This is also applies to metagaming (which is when you take something you know OOC and have your character magically know it). Please keep the information you know through OOC means (such as the wiki page) away from your character's IC knowledge unless given permission.
  • Please respect my boundaries/personal space both in game and out, especially if I point it out. I do not take dismissal of my boundaries lightly.
  • Things I'd like a heads up on before RPing:
    • Extreme Violence, Gore (As in intestines all over the floor, gorging out eyeballs, etc.)
    • Anything related to suicide
    • Sexual Assault
    • Anything to do with maggots (They just squick me out sorry)
  • If you'd like to RP something on the list above know that it's very unlikely that I will RP it out with you unless there is a very good reason, and for some of them I might still say no.
  • I, as a mun do not mind doing Erotic RPs, however I ask that you and your character are above the age of 18. If we RP and it gets to a point where it might get NSFW I'll wanna talk out how we wanna approach it if you wish to continue.
    • Also, with Frederick: he as a character will not do ERP with another character unless they have a solid, established connection. Friends at minimum.
  • Just overall OOC wise just be a decent person.

Ways to contact me if you wish to RP with Fred:

  • Twitter DMs @ScarredDoc
  • Discord: Crystia#0809 (Tell me that you're there for SWL RP or the like so I know)
  • IGN: DocFred
    • If you'd like to RP with me in-game contact me in my Twitter DMs first please! I've never really RP'd in an MMO game (or any game) before so I'll be trying to figure out everything. I also work on an Apple computer so getting in game requires me to switch Operating Systems so it's better to contact me first.

As I believe SWL is an alternate reality/universe from TSW: Frederick is technically an alternate version of his TSW self. That being said...he's basically the same.