Asmod Leblanc

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Played by: Asmod

Demon Golem, Genderfluid, 3804

Aliases: Red, Assmould, LoN
Nationality: Mixed
Residence: Romania, New york, Redacted
Employer: Saints and Sinners
Function: Owner
Twitter: @Notthisreality

Made from clay, fire and a nestled fusion of demonic energy, Asmod was first fired on the Sinnai peninsula about 1800bc.

A slave for most of that, he made his way north, being summoned from master to master.

Asmod first became aware of the war about 2012, when the murder of a master by illuminati agents allowed them enough time to change their true name and go on the run. Discovering the Templar they plead ammnisty and became a contract agent for 2 years.

It was about this time Asmod bought a bunch of properties, one being a warehouse in Red Hook. Through some dealings he got the licences to make it into a nightclub for the secret world, or a costume club if you are mundane.

Things changed for her when one of her friends got into trouble, killing a bee in Ealdwic park, despite them coming back meant Asmod became registered to Temple hall in other ways although employment with them ended.

At the suggestions of friends

If your character existed in TSW (The Secret World) before coming to SWL (Secret World Legends) -- how do you treat the transition? Are they exactly the same? Did they suffer memory loss? Are they some 'alternate reality' version of themselves?

Everyone knows someone. What groups, people, friends, and relatives does your character have ties to? Would other characters know them from a favorite hangout or a particular organization?

Are they demon-possessed? A skilled Elementalist? Want to describe their awesome powers or trademark equipment they always carry? This is the place to do it.