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Welcome to the Secret World Legends Roleplay wiki.

This wiki is devoted to player-made characters, organizations, cabals, and lore within Funcom's shared-world RPG, Secret World Legends. SWL is the spiritual successor to The Secret World MMO. Legacy TSW has had a thriving and vibrant roleplay community for the last four years, and many players have expressed interest in continuing the tradition!

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Featured Character

Melisende Rhodes


Melissa Rhodes (no one calls her Melisende) is a Templar researcher specializing in Arthurian legend. She has spent the last three years searching for a relic described in the 13th century text Parzival, without success. A PhD with a degree in magic and occult studies, she is also the author of a recent paper which suggests the Tokyo Event is actually a re-enactment of a famous Arthurian incident called the Dolorous Stroke.