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Welcome to the Secret World Legends Roleplay wiki.

This wiki is devoted to player-made characters, organizations, cabals, and lore within Funcom's shared-world RPG, Secret World Legends. SWL is the spiritual successor to The Secret World MMO. Legacy TSW has had a thriving and vibrant roleplay community for the last four years, and many players have expressed interest in continuing the tradition!

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Featured Character

Retsu Unohana


Her smile is gentle and her prescence warm. Her mannerisms reflect one with a sense of propriety. As such, she appears unlikely to speak unless directly spoken to, however at times she is very social; even politely so. Her Japanese accent is nearly nonexistant when she speaks English. Should she be angered, her speech takes on a strong Kansai dialect. She tends to carry herself as a typical business woman, yet she generates a maternal aura about her, and seems to be generous to others; offering drinks and food on various occasions.