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Welcome to the Secret World Legends Roleplay wiki.

This wiki is devoted to player-made characters, organizations, cabals, and lore within Funcom's shared-world RPG, Secret World Legends. SWL is the spiritual successor to The Secret World MMO. Legacy TSW has had a thriving and vibrant roleplay community for the last four years, and many players have expressed interest in continuing the tradition!

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Featured Character

Evalithia Atazen

Evalithia atazenv2.png
Evalithia looks like your typical goth girl. She enjoys caffeinated beverages of all types and video games. Her immense magical abilities has allowed her to resist the influences of the larger secret societies. She values her independence and refuses to submit to others, and is why she strives to become more powerful. She enjoys many dark topics which may not always align with the good side, but underneath her love of darkness is someone who also values life, because the world would be boring without it.