Knightsbridge Consulting

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'Knightsbridge Consulting'
Cabal Leader: Craft Ramsay
Knightsbridge Logo 3.png

Helping Normal People With Preturnatural Problems

Aliases: KBC
Leader: Craft Ramsay
Officer: Alyse "Pinks" Ramsay
Headquarters: 181 High Holborn Street,London, WC1V 7AP England
Satellites: None


There are things in the world that cannot be easily explained. Things that live in the shadows and are beyond what we would call natural. For the most part these things avoid the world we know, avoiding people.

But not always.

Sometimes these shadows leak through the cracks and put people and families at risk. When all other resources are exhausted, that's where Knightsbridge Consulting comes in.

We employ Consultants with varying degrees of expertise who are skilled at identifying and eliminating a whole range of Preternatural Problems. We've been dealing with the supernatural since 2012, and bring with us the best technology available. We provide our clientele with an ease of mind and the ability to reach out to us at any time shoulder incidents recur.

Our head office is located in London, England, but we are capable of travelling the world. No distance is too far. We have agreements with the Office of National Paranormal Security Management and Intelligence (ONPSMI) in the United States as well as the Canadian Government which allows us to act quickly in North America as well. We've maintained relationships with law enforcement departments worldwide and monitor the normal channels to identify where aspects of the supernatural world may be interacting with our own. We are proactive whenever possible, and will reach out to normal people who seem to be having paranormal incidents.

We also maintain an open phone and email line for clients to contact us. Sometimes solutions are found without even stepping on site. Other times one or more Consultants need to travel to where the incident has occured. We remain agile to be able to resolve all incidents in the most efficient ways.

Knightsbridge Consulting - Helping Normal People with Preternatural Problems


Knightsbridge Consulting is a private consulting firm dealing with investigating all aspects of the unnatural. We're professionals dedicated to getting rid of what goes bump in the night.

Have you reached your wits' end? Does no-one seem able to help? That's when you call Knightsbridge. We approach all cases with an open mind, and will bring a resolution to the problem.

Our office is located out of London, England; but we deal with issues worldwide. Within twenty-four hours of reaching out to Knightsbridge, you'll be put in contact with a consultant -- either over the phone, internet, or depending on severity, face-to-face.

We Believe You. Now let us help you.


Hello Potential Consultants!

Knightsbridge Consulting is looking to hire new members to join its team based out of London. We're looking for people able to think outside the box with excellent people skills. We also are actively looking for potential Consultants with unusual skill sets.

Think a career with Knightsbridge Consulting might be for you? Visit our website to check out our Employee Guide and submit an application.

OOC INFORMATION: We're still open for recruitment.

If you're looking for a place where the focus is on creative story telling, through the use of individual case files and an overarching cabal wide investigation, this might be the place for you.

Knightsbridge Consulting is a company that wants to deal with supernatural issues that occur outside of hotzones, in the mundane world. The solution isn't always fighting monsters, but ensuring the supernatural and mundane can co-exist. We bust ghosts, deal with haunted objects, and look into cryptid sightings.

What we expect from our Consultants is:

1. They take part in using the writing hooks we post as 'Case Files.' These are often stories taken from the news or other sources and are a starting point for Consultants solo or small team writing. You can even RP out investigating these in game. It's just a starting point and the rest is in your hands

2. An over arching investigation which incorporates weekly investigations, as well as out of game research. A recent investigation was into hikers that went missing in the Valley of Headless Corpses in a Canadian National Park. There was far more to this than just missing hikers, including a strange history reaching back over a century.

If this sounds like the cabal for you, feel free to jump over to Knightsbridge Consulting [1] and fill out an application. Note that this application is essentially an In-Character job application, and will be followed up with an In-Character job interview.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Craft Ramsay on the forums at Secret World Legends RP [2] or Secret World RP [3] or in game.